Sunday, February 2, 2014

Inspiration is everywhere...

Inspiration is everywhere! Yesterday as I was holding my head upside down, drying my hair, I found myself gazing at this colorful textile table cover in the studio (yes I was drying my hair in the studio because that's where I left the hair dryer ;-)).  I saw an owl in this geometric pattern, but the final painting came out very different from the image in my brain. I love that about painting, or working in the studio in general..I never know where the muse will lead me, or what the outcome will be. It was one of those days that turn into night in the blink of an eye. I'm not sure this piece is finished..feel free to add feedback, I love to hear what other's feel, and being the hermit I am, I don't get much feedback unless it's on line from my flickr page or if I post it on my facebook page. The one thing I notice is....I SEE BIRDS IN EVERYTHING, don't I?! That's okay with me, I hope it is with you too. Whether you are cruising around the internet or at a Super Bowl party, thanks for stopping by! xo sue    
textile as inspiration

Inspired owl painting..finished? 

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