Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Carrying happiness with me..another migration

Carrying happiness with me as I migrate to Illinois after another great summer on Beaver Island. Some felt we missed summer completely because of the cool weather, but the cool weather was part of the reason it was a great summer in my opinion. The galleries were busy, but not so busy I couldn't find time to chat with my wonderful customers or find time to have a glass of wine with friends in the chairs outside the gallery at the end of the day. We had a record breaking number of mosquitoes on the island, but they weren't too bad on the harbor, and many people came into town to walk their dogs or themselves for that reason. I'm grateful in a multitude of ways for the summer, for all the help and support from my friends, and this new piece just feels like it represents the gentle, happy flow back to my other life..carrying the happy memories with me. I'm choosing to forget the 3 1/2 hour bumper to bumper traffic jam I got caught in on my way back....and the fact that it started raining as my windshield wiper motor failed and I was running on empty with few options to exit! I white knuckled it home this time...just making me all the more grateful to be here at all! As the leaves and temperatures fall, and the hours of light grow short, I'm hoping to be a frequent visitor here and update the website with beautiful new items..... I'll share soon! Thanks for stopping by! xo sue

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