Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ahhhh September....

Ahhh, September...?!

Oops, I wrote this in September, but I'm posting it as October is rushing by...forgive the delay, I was in the middle of moving and getting settled in my winter abode. Thanks for looking...

After a very busy summer season on Beaver Island I find myself in September. It is an amazing time to be on the island...full of every possible sensory experience...the eerie cry of the coyotes, the strong September winds, the smells of cut firewood, drying leaves......and apples..... those ready for the cider press, some food for the deer, feeding at twilight, and others making their way into incredible pies. For many years I owned a piece of land full of apple trees. The local people knew exactly which trees produced the most beautiful pie apples, and those trees were always empty when I came to visit in the fall. I imagined jars of apple sauce and wonderful apple pies frozen and saved for their winter desserts. If I was more domestically inclined I guess I would have objected to the harvest, but I never felt upset...just happy I didn't see anything on the ground or tree. My "ownership" never felt real to me anyway, so everything was in perfect order.

One of my favorite things about September...the CLOUDS! The clouds are huge and dominate the sky in a different way. The clouds of September are a perfect compliment to the swans return to the harbor. The past few years I've felt a little sadness when the swans arrive because I know my departure time is quickly approaching. It's the life I choose, and living a seasonal life has it's gifts as well as its compromises. I'm so very grateful to be able to make the choices I make every year. I am looking forward to seeing my family and moving back into much more spacious accommodations..even if yard work is part of the equation.

I am looking forward to updating the Livingstone Studio website and getting back to work on my own art. Almost time to return to the cave and let spirit guide me through another winter. Summer is more fleeting every year it seems, but I'm grateful for the seasons and all the changes they bring. I'm looking forward to having more time on line to chat with people and see what they have been creating since I've been away!

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