Friday, April 25, 2008

Shamanic Messenger Series I, II, & III.."Genetically Altered"

Yesterday I watched a video called "The Future of Food" which can be found on Google video. I usually listen to something uplifting or spiritual before and as I work, but this video wouldn't leave my thoughts. I sat down in the studio to get back to work, and these three Shamanic messengers came through! As I was working I was thinking about the way these big corporations have created chemicals to destroy the insects that would harm the crops, and then created seeds that are resistant to the chemicals, because if an insect tries to ingest these crops, (grown from this chemically resistant seed) it will die. I thought about the birds and other creatures who eat the insects, and what it will ultimately mean to all of us..those who eat the chemical crops and the creatures who eat the remains of insects, like the birds. I was not paying attention to my thoughts as my hands started sculpting paper clay over some of my Beaver Island stones, but was surprised at what/who came out. They appear very serious, and when I asked who they were they said, "We are the genetically altered creatures of the future and we have a message for all of you..."Pay attention!" You and I are the only ones that can change what happens on the planet, and what we choose to invest our energy and financial resources in. I feel we are waking from a deep sleep, and there are lots of challenges ahead, but with enough attention, things can change. The audacity of hope..whether it's Obama or Hillary, it's time to "pay attention" and take some action in whatever way we can...this is my way today. I think the creatures are different looking, but beautiful in their way, and if I decide to sell them, I hope the new owners will appreciate their message and purpose. I guess they would be categorized under the "Guides" section of the Helpers, Guides and Dream Keepers series I've been working on. I'll leave you with this quote tonight...
"True hope responds to the real world, to real life; it is an active effort."Author:Walter Anderson

If you want to watch the video and look at the blog of the interesting guy who posted it, you can do so here

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  1. Wow ... this is not wow, but the WOW!
    Sorry, but I must confess I am writing this feedback prior reading your text - I was just impotent to do that because the pictures on your blog were gazing at me and looked more than just alive. They were as if the part of me ...
    You have the awesome blog - my blood just boils while viewing and I don't know what does it mean, but I know that's awesome. WONDERFUL.

  2. Fantastic work!! I loved the message in this post....we all need to be more aware of what is happening to our world before it is too late.

    Again, LOVE your work!! It is wonderful!!


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