Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Return of Spring! (?)

Although it's still icy and cold here in Northern Illinois, I dream of spring during the longest darkest nights of winter, and this painting was the result of that dreaming. I sold it to one of my favorite summer customers last week, and frankly it was perfect timing..I was about to take it off the website and keep it, because it cheers me to look at it. I'm sure she and her husband are the rightful owners, and I'm happily shipping it off to them in the morning. Saying "goodbye" can often open a window for something new to come in, and even though I was paid for the piece, sharing it is even more important, and I know a lot more people will see it now. I hope it brings smiles and good feelings to those who do.
The sunlight is now streaming through my bedroom window at an earlier hour, so I am looking forward to spending more hours painting and creating. The time for returning to the island is just around the corner, and soon I'll be in my tiny cabin, waking up to the birds calling to their mates, the fishing tug with it's seagull "cloud" overhead and deer feeding under the apple trees. I spend so much time alone in the winter, I look forward to seeing all the people I've met as gallery visitors, who are now friends, and the artist's with all their new creations. It's a massive amount of work to get the galleries ready, but it's always challenging and fun sorting through the new treasures and finding places for them or ways to display them. Once things are hung or draped, encased or hanging from the ceiling, and ready for the Memorial Day weekend, it's heaven walking in, and listening to the comments about everyone's new work. I've always wanted to live in tune with the seasons, and that is the life I live. I sometimes want to come out of hibernation a little earlier, but I'm grateful I have this time to reflect and create or work on projects for the coming year. My neighbor once asked me how I can stay home for days on end...I just replied, "I LIKE IT IN THERE!"...and that's the truth for me. I hope the sunshine was streaming through your window today and that you had time to contemplate, create and enjoy the edges of winter/spring in all their subtle (or not so subtle) colors. ;-D If you have a minute, go check out Joane McIntyre's "art to wear" jewelry..just added in the shop..


  1. It does seem like spring. In China the cold is fastly evaporating (figuratively speeking). I also wanted to comment on your art; absolutely wonderful! I also love your studio website.

  2. We are preparing to move to the Canadian Rockies after spending my entire life in South Texas. I only hope that the cold inspires my dreams and influences my art.

    Currently...I can't judge what that would be like. Two days ago, I spent 30 minutes outside with the bullwhip and had to come back in because I was sweating too much.

  3. I was so surprised when someone referred to me as a loner just because I love staying at home to create art, losing track of time and generally just wallowing in the process.

    Your work is so beautiful and spiritual.


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