Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Dream Keepers....

As winter continues to embrace us in it's icy womb, the muse celebrates this quiet time, and whispers to those whose lives are quiet enough to hear her..."remember your dreams in this time of incubation..the dream keepers will hold them safely for you until you are ready to manifest them in your life." I have "dream keepers" coming to the surface, and I can't wait to see what they look like and who they belong to!
Winter is my time to search my heart and soul and dreams for advice, inspiration and direction. When I listen to my heart and really feel my purpose, I know making art is a service as well as my chosen path. I make art because I have to..it's very much like eating well..fuel for the body...art is fuel for the spirit, and not just my own. I don't think I would continue if it was just a form of personal expression..it is so much more than that. It's times like these when angels, helpers, healers, guides and dream keepers return and beg me to bring them into the world for their rightful owners. It's times like these when I count my blessings and feel so much gratitude for the gifts of this life path .
I'm so excited to see all the new things the artists are making right now..the idea of all of us working hard in our studios makes me feel connected during this relatively isolated time. I'm hearing from a few, and will be adding some new work created by Joane McIntyre next week. Dody Avery sent some beautiful new bracelets a short while ago, and Jim Blanchard's rings are being added slowly but surely. Larissa McGinnity is ready to ship her beautiful photographs now, and Janine Andrew is creating new pins and maybe a few paintings, Krys Lyle sent photos of some new purses, and Pam Obrien just finished a mosaic I can't wait to see...I know Cindy Ricksgers is working hard, and Beth Scully just returned from a winter trip to Beaver Island, so new paintings are in the works. Tom and Vicky Rockwell were on the island for a month after Christmas, so I look forward to sharing their new work with you soon.
The website is such a wonderful vehicle for sharing the beautiful things all of our talented artists create, and as it gains momentum, I want to thank the customers from all parts of the country and Canada who have found us. I'm delighted to see people visit the galleries who may have never heard of Beaver Island, and I hope you get a chance to say "Hello" in person one summer day when we are on the island...I have a dream keeper holding that dream for me!;-)


  1. enjoyed your post and like your header, it's beautiful.

  2. Wow, My mind -my whole soul, spirit is with you and I even feel myself as one of you - Thank you.
    It was so fine to read your post. I have met the real Dream Keeper. I say so because while writing about yourself, you were talking about all Dream Keepers. Wow, the hearty "Hello" came out of itself.
    There is no the artist profession, the artists are the secular priests- thats not a profession but the way of life - the acceptance of God's gifts and the passionate service in the sharing of the light. That's impossible in solitude.

  3. I love your blog and this post. I have to say I also love Tomas Karkalas' comment as well, beautiful and poetic review. Great stuff is circulating the blogosphere! Glad to have you in the community.


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