Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Where Mind's Meet...

As I was finishing up a new piece to add to the livingstonestudio.com website, my mind was wandering back in time. I was 17, and some friends and I had skipped out of school (it was easier then) and taken a trip into Chicago. We loved to go to Old Town..back then it was wall to wall "head shops", wonderful boutiques, little coffee houses and restaurants offering good music and healthy food. I remember walking into a shop smelling of sandalwood incense, full of funky jewelry, tie-dyed clothing and posters covering every inch of wall space. One of the posters was not graphically stunning, but featured this Herman Hesse quote:

"Where minds meet

with an affinity for one another

the whole world looks like home."

This quote hit me like a bolt of lightening, and I have never forgotten it. I'm the girl who can't tell a joke or memorize the words to a song, but this quote stuck with me, and still resonates "truth" whenever I think about it. If I put "souls" in place of "minds", or in addition to it, that statement would reflect how I feel about the things I create. I always feel like I'm creating things that belong to someone else...I just wait for that person to find it. When that happens it always feels like that piece is going home, but the new owner and I have an affinity for one another. It is a truly joyous experience when the art finds it's right home,a magical moment. I have had a gallery for a long time, and it feels the same way when I sell someone else's art to it's happy new owner...I just wish the artist's could see that part of the process, because in my mind it's the most exciting and rewarding part. I started "Meet the Artist's" a few years ago in an attempt to bring the artist's together with their audience and collectors of their work. Last summer we brought all the artist's together at the same time, and the turn out was incredible..I was truly stunned and delighted, and everyone seemed to enjoy it so much. I think it's so important to us (artist's) to know that what we create is appreciated and enjoyed, and I'm so grateful to those who support us in doing what we do. We will hold our second "Meet The Artist's" on August 2nd on Beaver Island at our little galleries on the harbor. You should come, who knows...maybe we've made something that belongs to you!

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  1. Your work is so beautiful and inspiring! Can't wait to meet you!


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