Monday, November 14, 2011

Back in the studio..

Back in the studio.. by livingstonestudio

Back in the studio.., a photo by livingstonestudio on Flickr.
I couldn't stand it anymore..I had to sit down and play this weekend! It may be a mirror frame..if I can find my mirrors! ;-) I'm still unpacking and it's been over a month since I returned to Illinois! My house has been my creative outlet these past weeks. I've been busy having the storm damage (from summer) repaired and it's amazing how a skilled person can transform a wreck back into a normal looking home. I have also been painting walls and some of the older surfaces in need of a face lift. It is so gratifying to add a color to a wall or make something look fresh and new again with a little paint. As I was organizing the studio I touched this little wood frame, and felt compelled to sit down with a pen and draw! Yesterday I pulled out the colored pencils, and....many hours later...another surface, completely altered. Hope it brings a smile... Have a great week! xo sue

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