Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finished! "Rapture"

You can visit my flickr page and look at the set "Birth of a Painting" to see the progress on this painting. I have just a couple of little touches to add, and it will be on it's way to the new owner. This painting was a pure joy to work on ( it took me over 40 hours to complete, so that's a very good thing!). Rapture came to mind, and when I looked at the dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, the synomyms said it all. I used them all as tags on this painting. I hope to make a few giclee prints of's going to be hard to say "goodbye". It is going to a loving home though, and that makes me happy!! I wish you all a little rapture...more than a little. May you be carried away by joy..
xo sue


  1. Your work is totally wonderful, imaginative and vibrant. Had a lovely time looking at your Flickr site.

  2. Thankyou Cathy! I loved your blog but couldn't open your website link. Thanks for visiting!


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