Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Toooo Meeee

The sun is rising on my 56th birthday. Snow covers the ground, the temperature is "0" outside my window. Molly is chattering at the Juncos searching for their breakfast. I've wrapped myself in a cozy robe, pulled on the soft pink socks and slippers, both adorned with 'breast cancer ribbons'. I've chosen the 'Cheer' mug for my coffee, and it's sitting on a copy of "YOU Staying Young" (by Doctors Roizen and Oz), along with my reading glasses..a little hit of reality.
Where does the time go? I'm 56 this year, and while 55 felt old to me, 56 feels young! It will be nine years before I can collect social security, even though AARP started trying to lure me in at 50. At 55 you qualify for some senior discounts, but not many, and I appreciate that! I feel like my internal age is about 35 - 38, but my daughter is 38 now, so I have to face reality. I have a few close friends who are ten or more years older than I am, and they tell me I'm still a 'baby'. This 'baby' was shoveling snow yesterday when a neighbor offered to have her grandson plow my drive for me. That never happens when we're 30, unless it's a cute guy offering in hopes of getting to know you better. Ahhh, reality. When I say I feel younger than I did last year, it's true. I realized I was feeling an 'age', and expecting to get help with things I thought I was getting too old to do myself, like climbing ladders, and cleaning gutters. I don't know exactly when I stopped feeling sorry for myself, but I felt something shift, and suddenly I was not feeling like a martyr doing it myself. I move twice each year with almost no help unless a friend stops by in the middle of it....thanks again Cheryl and Martin for helping me put up the "work" tent, Tom and Denise for putting the gallery sign out in the spring, and Mary and Beth who helped me take the tent down and bring the sign in this fall! Your timing couldn't have been better! It's my choice to move twice each year, to live the life I live..and I keep choosing it, year after year because it's a good life..the one I always wanted really. I just needed to remember that, and age has become just a number again.
Today is Sunday, my favorite day of the week as I've written before, and my birthday. I count my million bright blessings and feel grateful for my health, the wonderful friends who keep me laughing, the family that's growing and bringing new children into my life..all the summer customers and loyal supporters that allow me to live my dream and follow this path I'm on. Today I'll eat cake for breakfast, put on old clothing and wait for the muse to show me the way. A day of creating is the gift I will give myself. I'll let you know/see what happens. Thanks for visiting and sharing my birthday with me. Leave a comment and say "Hello" if your spirit moves you to...Happy Sunday...Cheers!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! You are as young as you feel...


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