Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday!

I have been taking photos of beautiful purses and jewelry for the website most of the day, and remembering how few daylight hours we have this time of year. I haven't looked at the results yet, so I'm hoping I made the most of them! I did take a little time to check out some other artist's blogs, and noticed a widget with books on one. I just had to have one for the livingstone studio art blog! I had the most fun just browsing and choosing some books for the widget. I already own some of them, but most are just intuitive picks that looked interesting or beautiful. It was almost like a day at the bookstore or library, which satisfies my soul like few other things. I hope you enjoy the added visual on the blog. I've added lots of new things to look at on the website, the latest being some of Beth Scully's beautiful paintings and giclee prints. I plan on doing an interview and posting some of her work here for you to enjoy in the very near future. Have a cozy, warm Friday...I'm ready for some cozy slippers, a big warm robe, a cup of chai tea and a purring cat on my lap!

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