Monday, March 24, 2008

"Where Joy Lives"

"Into the house where joy lives, happiness will gladly come." It's a Japanese proverb that I love, and when this little painting started taking on a life of it's own, the proverb came too. I had started these layered paintings on small canvas boards a few years back, but they were just abstract and not very appealing on their own. When I picked them up again, I approached them as I do a found object or a stone..I study it for shape and to see if anything "pops" out at me..a curve that may be the arch of a back or fish jumping from the angel's wing...and then it seems to find a life of it's own and just pulls me along, telling me what to do next. Fat brushes, color washes, rags for rubbing, tiny detail brushes, colored pencils, fine point ink pens, metallic inks all call me to give them a role to play in this little project, but the underlying essence is "joy". The idea that the finished project might bring a little to someone is what brings the joy in the moment for me...that, and the delight I always feel when I'm painting or drawing or creating's like a warm bed and soft sheets on a cold night to me..the end result is always a's the feeling and the essence of what wants to come through that's really important, and draws the right person to least I think so. I like to make art that brings comfort or a smile to someones face. Don't get me wrong, I get moody like every other unenlightened being who hasn't killed off their ego (have you been watching Oprah and Eckhart?;-))...but when I'm creating, that joy or hope or peace comes over me, no matter what's going on. Maybe I'm more enlightened in those moments when I'm maybe, I'm sure about artist's know what I mean..stepping into the timeless place and getting lost there until your legs go numb from sitting or weak from standing at the easel. So...I hope on these first fragile days of spring..tender flowers shivering under the snow still covering our gardens we can remember, "Into the house where joy lives, happiness will gladly come." Thanks for stopping by!

I just put this painting up for auction on eBay along with dream keepers and another sculpture..more about the other sculpture tomorrow. SOLD

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  1. Hearing the story behind each beautiful piece is half the joy.


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