Saturday, November 14, 2015

Lost in the right direction...

   After what seems like a very long process of moving back into my winter home, I am finally back at work in the studio. I have been organizing materials to work with, moving my studio to a new room and digging through boxes of almost finished pieces that are calling for completion. I feel a little lost, but lost in the right direction. I'm in the grip of the muse again, and the dishes are piling up in the sink, my refrigerator was so empty I didn't even bother opening it, but running out of coffee was the motivation it took to get me out of the house this week. I hadn't watched the news for days, but a friend called last night and told me what had happened in Paris. I felt guilty being so removed from the rest of the world, but it motivated me to go to a website focused on Amplifying good intentions around the globe . I also thought I would share some of my little "light holder" pendants on the website. I usually only offer them in the summer gallery, but it just felt right to put them out there as a reminder to shine and spread a little light where we can. I hope seeing them brings a smile. xo sue  

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