Friday, March 8, 2013


I've been working hard (playing hard is more like it) in the studio this week. I'm sorting through my Beaver Island stones...drawing on some, sculpting with paper clay on others. This time of year I seem to experiment and push the edges a little more. I have always loved wood block prints, and this little sculpture has that feel to me. I can't quite pin point the expression..can you? Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by! xo sue 


  1. Hello Sue,
    Thought I would stop by and catch up on what you are up to. I see the studio is still in full swing. Love all your sunshiney faces. this one above seems to be unattached whether we like him or not, because he knows he's special. I trust 2013 is filling your innovative drive and creative bliss as ever.

    Smiles across the miles,

  2. Hi there Ganga! I'm still working away, looking forward to opening the gallery in May. I haven't been writing much when I add something to the blog this winter, so thanks for your thoughts and comments! There was something about this guy I liked, even though he was very different from what I usually do, you know?
    All good things your way,


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