Saturday, January 21, 2012

serenity stones

I'm feeling so fortunate to have this time to stay inside and see what happens every day in the studio. These new faces emerged this week, and they make me smile...I hope they do the same for you. The stone dictates the shape of each piece, and although it is time consuming to apply layer upon layer of paint, it is at the same time a very medatative process and gives me the surface texture I love. There is nothing like a stone in your hand to make you feel connected to everything, and these are from the island I love, so I feel like I'm there while I work on them. Everything is white outside today..we had the most beautiful snow storm yesterday! The sun is shining and the sky is blue (as you can see from the shadows in this photo), so I'm back to work to get more photos while the light lasts. Have a wonderful weekend..I hope it's serene... xo sue

Via Flickr:
hand sculpted paper clay over stone, paintied with acrylics and accented with colored pencil


  1. These stones are wonderful... Do you sell them? I love their introspective expression. Sharon

  2. Thanks Sharon! When I have new ones I put them in the shop at Everything is sold at the moment,but I will be making more when the gallery business slows down in the fall...xo sue


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