Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Happy Mess

my happy mess by livingstonestudio
my happy mess, a photo by livingstonestudio on Flickr.

The MUSE is in the HOUSE! I love being back in the studio..playing and watching what emerges. Hours go by..I forget to eat, comb my hair, take out the garbage, but it's a happy place..where time is measured only by the light in the room. I have the full spectrum light bulbs in all the lamps now, hoping to trick my body into thinking it's still summer when the days are long and warm. These little birds (that look a little like fish to me!) were born after 11pm last night..I just made one after the other until I was too weary to make more. It will be fun to see where they go from here. I need to finish some things so I have room on the table to work again! I hope your Tuesday is a good one! xo sue

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