Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Tides" paper mache/handspun yarns bowl

I may have mentioned finding a stash of unfinished pieces from about 12 years ago when I was cleaning a storage space last fall. It is so much fun to get these pieces finished and bring something new to them. My color themes have changed over the years, so it has been fun to revisit the work of a younger me, and find I'm still feeling a connection with it. I still love the idea of using recycled materials and natural fibers or found objects in my work, but I originally started using them partially because I love natural materials, and partially because I had so little money I used what was seasonally available from Mother Nature or the Beaver Island Transfer Station! The time invested in making the paper pulp, sculpting and painting is just crazy, but each piece is hopefully infused with the joy I feel while I work.

I have purple, yellow, red, and multi-colored tulips in my garden right now..when I can have the windows open, the smell is heavenly! I wish all who are Mother's or have Mother's a Happy Mother's Day, and a good weekend! Thanks for stopping by! xo sue

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