Saturday, April 30, 2011

Healing Angel Sculpture...just in time

On this wild, windy day I am sending thoughts and prayers to the South and all the places that have been devastated by Mother Nature's fury the past two months. I hope we live up to the example the Japanese have set in our time of healing and rebuilding. I saw examples of that grace on the news last night when they showed the way people were gathering and protecting the most personal treasures they were finding in the ultrasound photo, or a photo of a past generation that had fallen from an album or detached from it's frame. People were helping each other, even though they were homeless themselves. Compassion and right action..a beautiful thing.

This "Healing Angel" sculpture was created years ago..when I made my first series of "Dream Keepers". Spring came, and studio time was over, so she was in a box in a storage space for years. I found her this past fall and just finished her this week. Her hands are big..and that's intentional because she does healing work. I saw an infinity symbol for balance, and added a crystal at the top of her head to keep the channel open for spirit to work through her. She is on her way to a special person as soon as I can get her safely wrapped and mailed.

I hope you all have some sunshine, flowers..or a few warm breezes this weekend! Thanks for stopping by! xo sue

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