Thursday, March 3, 2011

Faces in the garden..the spirit of flowers

Finishing some pieces that were started last spring..I just love opening boxes of unfinished work at this time of year! It feels like buried treasure..I just need to dig a little and find out where they want to go. This piece was black, so I really felt it's spirit needed to be set free. I thought it may be soft pinks and greens, but a little more fire showed up..I guess that's no surprise when you look at the paintings I've been doing lately. Hope she brings a smile..thanks so much for looking!
xo sue


  1. Hey Sue,
    Just popping by to say hello and bask in some of your exquisite creations. You are inspired with vibrant colors and lots of sun streaming through windows. Smiles. Me too. I sooooooo look forward to Spring and Summer really shining through. Sending you lots of happy thoughts!!! Keep creating and shining like you do!!!


  2. Thank you Ganga..for stopping by and taking time to leave your comment. I'm wishing you a warm and wonderful spring..full of flowers and birds singing outside your window! Shine on dear Ganga!! Love, love, love, love is all there is! :-)


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