Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elemental..Green Eyed Monster

Here's number two in the series of sculptures created out of recycled crumpled aluminum foil. I made this guy about ten years ago, and have never offered him for sale, but I expect there is someone who he would be just right for! ;-) He keeps me company along with a few others of his kind. I never know what's coming when I sit down to create, so it's always a surprise to me when something like this takes shape. I named him "The Green Eyed Monster" because I painted his eyes green, but maybe he does represent more than that to someone looking at him. We all have our stories and unique history..herstory...we bring that to everything we look upon...AND..there is a stream that connects us to one another..I think he is a drop from that stream, so I'm sharing him with you today. Wishing you all a happy what you WANT to do today, if that's possible. Thanks for stopping by! xo sue

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