Sunday, January 10, 2010


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This piece was started a looong time ago,  during a difficult winter I spent making 250 papier mache fish to decorate a new seafood restaurant in Chicago. Although each fish was unique, and fun to make, my spirit was urging me to do a series of other things along with, (or as a distraction to) my "paying project". I have been pulling out these pieces this winter..they were calling to me, and begging for completion. The muse doesn't seem to have a sense of time..she never cares if you eat or sleep, or remember to feed the cat , but I'm grateful to have the time to invite her in during the winter months. The piece is called "Adjusting"..but it should have the subtitle "trying to keep my head on straight"! ;-) It's a process that never ends I guess. Hope you're having a happy Sunday! xo Sue


  1. I love this Sue, there's something very tribal about it.

  2. Thanks M., I agree, it does have a tribal feel.


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