Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Company I Keep..

Dreaming under a blanket of spring's promise..


  1. Well, now I flown here for a peek. I love the words you write to the left of the image above. And the image itself seems sculptural. Is it still acrylic and if so, I'm blown away! I hope to pop in often to see your creations. Your work is a joy to view. Hm, do you illustrate kid's books? They'd seem such a great fit!

  2. Peace to you. Peace to the sleeper. I am a fairly angst-ridden artist, dealing with the world with fairly cynical humor and looking at the sometimes duller, darker side, but...maybe age...I find more moments of softness. You work is good. Design. Color. Imagery. You are a plus in the world of art. Thank you.

  3. Thanks so much butterfly woman and Ralph! I appreciate your comments! I haven't done any illustrating for children's books..YET. Thanks!


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