Friday, April 11, 2008

"Messenger" Dream Keeper

More "Dream Keeper's" coming through. The muse has come to visit, and she would be happy if I quit eating and sleeping or taking time to pet the's a muse thing. I am working long hours, but enjoying every minute of it. The cat is as strong as the muse though..she will not be denied! I had so much fun on this little "Dream Keeper" it will be hard to let this one go. There is a bird on the head of this one, and the face looks very "owlish", don't you think? It took a long time to paint, but it was really an enjoyable process. I hope someone on eBay loves it as much as I do..I'm listing it for auction later tonight. If you would like to see different views or better photos, check my flickr account.. I hope everyone has had a great week and fun planned for the weekend. I'll be in the least I won't be tempted out by the weather..we have another cold, wet one predicted.


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